Fleet Insulation Company Limited specialises in asbestos removal and has undertaken contracts for:
Government Ministries and Departments
NHS Trusts
Local Authorities
Facilities Management companies
Exhibition Centres
Data Centres
Care Homes
Petro, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Companies
Offices, Hotels & Domestic properties

Fleet Insulation Company Limited will provide the appropriate resourced service with fully qualified personnel, the latest equipment and work to the very highest technical standards of operation.

Protecting you & your workforce

Fleet Insulation Company Limited will undertake all types of work with asbestos, e.g. remedial, encapsulation or removal safely, efficiently and effectively.
Fleet Insulation Company Limited fully complies with all the current regulations, whilst also protecting your site and workforce from potential contamination and your organization from potentially damaging litigation.
With over 30 years’ experience working with asbestos, Fleet Insulation Company Limited have developed and implemented a ‘best practice’ approach to removal of asbestos, along with the most effective solutions for each and every eventuality that we encounter.

Fleet Insulation Company Limited’s overriding aim is to ensure complete customer care. This means that we will only recommend a course of action based upon the facts and your obligations, rather than any commercial interests. If complete removal is not necessary (and in many cases it isn’t) then we will advise you of an appropriate course of action.



Committing to Compliance

For many clients, time is critical, therefore Fleet Insulation Company Limited will commit to a fixed time frame at contract stage and provide the number of operatives required to ensure we meet your schedules.
Be assured that when you appoint Fleet Insulation Company Limited, you are working with a company that understands its obligations fully. We carry Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and conform at all times to the latest Health and Safety Executive Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance.

Asbestos Collection and Disposal

Asbestos doesn’t cease to be dangerous once it’s removed from the building fabric, therefore we provide a regulated disposal solution.
Our asbestos collection service provides a cost-effective solution to clients generating large or small quantities of asbestos waste.
Materials are taken to a licensed transfer station or appointed landfill site, where they are disposed of in accordance with the Special Waste Regulations 2005