Our skilled thermal insulation engineers are able to install Fire Stop and Fire Protection Systems to a very high standard using a variety of materials including Rockwool, Beam Clad & Intumescent coated fire batt, Supalux, Master Board and Vicuclad products.

Fixing fire barriers into openings between floors and in walls, cladding kitchen extract and A/C ductwork services, installing fire protection to steel support beams.

Sample Product Information:

Intumescent Coated Batt – Firestop solutions for large voids in walls and floors. General benefits:

  • Smoke seal
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Simple installation
  • Light weight
  • Suitable to make good around most types of service penetrations
  • Unaffected by humidity
  • Maintenance free
  • Low smoke emission

Fire Duct Systems – Single layer fire protection for rectangular, circular and oval ducts. General Benefits:

  • Specified with confidence
  • Installed quickly, simply and reliably
  • Fully certified to BS476-24 (duct types A & B)
  • ½, 1, 1& ½ and 2 hour fire protection for stability, integrity and insulation
  • Choice of fixing options
  • Single layer, enabling verification of system installation
  • Space efficient, non-brittle, strong and safe
  • Multi-role insulation: fire protection, acoustic and thermal